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Captain Pharr
Company B, also known as Pharr's Company, was commanded by Captain H. N. Pharr, and was organized on August 1, 1863. It was composed of men transferred from various organizations, principally from Tennessee, by Special Orders No. 205, Headquarters, Army of Tennessee. Formed from Cheatham's Division, Army of Tennessee.

Captain Henry N. Pharr's personal items owned by Co. B 3rd Regt
Captain Pharr's Compass
Captain Pharr's original Phelps-Gurley vernier compass, displayed at our events. (click to enlarge)
Captain Henry N. Pharr's personal effects
Collection includes his personal drafting set, CDV's of Capt. Pharr and his wife and other personal items.
Topographical EngineersTopographical Engineers


From Supplement of the Official Records of the Union and Confederate Armies
Part II-Record of Events
Volume 73
Serial No. 85
Broadfoot Publishing Company


Stationed at Chickamauga, Tennessee, August 1-October 31, 1863.
August 1-22- This company was organized August 1 and was employed on defenses at Chattanooga until August 22.
August 23-A detachment burned Running Water Bridge.
August 26-Marched to Red House Ford, ten miles. Built bridge over west Chickamauga River, 200 feet long.
September 2-Marched to Chattanooga, ten miles.
September 6-Marced for Resaca, Georgia, 54 miles.
September 8-Arrived at Resaca. Floored railroad bridge 360 feet long and built trestle approaches.
September 12-14-Marched to Bell's Ferry, twenty three miles. Finished trestle bridge over Oostelaula River at that place September 14.
September 15-16-Marched for La Fayette, Georgia. Was ordered back to Resaca.
Reached Resaca September 16.
September 17-Went per rail to Catoosa, Georgia. Assisted in building the four railroad burned near that place.
September 28-October 4-Marched to Chickamauga Station, eighteen miles, and were employed until October 4 on the defense of that place.
October 12-Finished framing a bridge for the Tennessee River.
October 18-Finished a bridge over Clear Creek.
October 21-Went per rail to Charleston, Tennessee and assisted in building
railroad bridge over river at that place.
October 30-Returned to Chickamauga.
October 31-The company mustered by A. Huston.
Stationed at Etowah, Georgia, November-December 1863.
Stationed at Dalton, Georgia, February 29, 1864.

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