Topographical EngineersTopographical Engineers Co. B 3rd Reg. Confederate Engineers
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Co. B 3rd Regiment Confederate Engineers
Topographical EngineersTopographical Engineers Co. B 3rd Regiment Confederate Engineers
Mission Statement

      how to invest in Microsoft shares As the premier Engineer reenacting company in the Southeast we welcome you to our website. We strive to educate the public of the important role of the Engineers in the War Between the States. Co B 3rd Regt has a large collection of period instruments, books and maps, including a large archive and actual survey instruments owned by Capt. Henry N. Pharr, who commanded our company during the war that we display at reenactments and living histories throughout the South. Members are available to speak at SCV camps, UDC chapters and schools that would like to learn about Jed Hotchkiss ("Stonewall" Jackson's map maker), Capt. Henry N. Pharr or Engineers in general. We also do a Federal Topographic Engineer impression when needed.
     Co B 3rd Regt is actively recruiting new members and can offer a unique reenacting experience for new and experienced reenactors. For more information, click on the contact button above, and we will send you more information.
     One of the most famous mapmakers of the Civil War was Major Jedediah Hotchkiss, a topographical engineer on Confederate General Thomas "Stonewall" Jackson's staff. Some historians believe that Hotchkiss' accurate maps ensured the success of Jackson's 1862 Valley Campaign.

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Topographical EngineersTopographical Engineers